Monday, 12 July 2010

Gays & Owls

Weeelll. It’s been a while, eh, Invisi Clan? Ah, not much has happened too be perfectly honest. I had a boyfriend for like, 2 weeks but he was gay ( not literally ) and now I’m a single pringle again. Yay me. Meh. I don’t even care. Cos I’m in love, yeah, with a vegetable ! Haahh. Work it out, loveys ;]

Okay, so right now I’m supposed to be writing so mucchh ! I’m actually so behind with all my stories and fics and am currently getting shouted at so James, I HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY.

What an exciting life I lead. -.-
Sports day tomorrow ! Yaayy. Not. hah.

Have an owl.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Famous & Sad

Yo. Yo. Yo. :) Tis been awhile, eh? I moved house, not that you care but thats probably the most interesting thing thats happened in my life. My new house is kinda, meh. Its in the middle of chavland and yeaahh. Ahwell. I’ve made some, interesting friends. Hah. I won a story competition though and it got out in a museum and I was dead chuffed but no one else cared. Me and my mam went to see it and the peoples were like, here, you can go in free, have an easter egg, have loadsa free stuff, let me show you around and I felt like i was famous or something. It was awesome ;D The hotel was kinda dodgy though, full of old people and the glared at us because my mam got drunk and I started making stupid noises with the salt and pepper shakers and it was funny. I don’t think me and my mam have ever got along so well. So that is what Claire is always on about. She’s my psychiatrist person by the way, hah, there’s so much you don’t know, Invisi Clan.

Anywhoo, I had a massive fall out with James and I felt effin sad, let me tell you but I won’t say anything else cos I know he’s gonna read this and be like, ahh, she’s bitching about me to the internet. Sorry James ;3 I love you really, I’m just a crazy bitch with violent mood swings. Hence, Claire.

Well..I don’t have much else to say too be honest. Eeesh, you’d think I’d have loads. I’m just kinda fed up at the moment, I don’t feel like doing much. Forgive me, Invisi Clan. Its school soon and thats gonna be a loada fun...Not. o.o

Rawr. XD To sum up my life at this exact moment in time, listen to Courage by Superchick. I don’t if you can hear music, Invisi Clan. Let me know.

See ya later mash potata x

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sexy Beasts, Hiccups & Mice

Okay, so apparently its been a while since I’ve opened this page up and typed into this little box and press the giant orange button thats down there and just asking to be pressed. So, yeah...Ooh, interesting news. I went to see Avatar..again. And right at the most serious moment, when they’re all about to go into battle and someone’s crying and someone’s dead. Right at that moment. I got the hiccups. It was awful. The cinema was packed and my friend couldn’t stop laughing at me, so I was laughing hysterically too. And this fat woman who was sat next to me glared at me, I don’t see why, i mean, she had been coughing her lungs up all the way through it. Then this other guy with a beard turned around and glared at me. So I slid down my seat and died.

Nothing else even remotely interesting happened in the rest of my half term. It basically consisted of sleep, get up, write, eat, drink, sleep, gasp at Eastenders, sleep, chuckle, watch dvd’s, write, sleep...Yeah, you can see the pattern. Lots of sleeping and writing.


It’s awful. In the attic above my room is a family of mice. At least, i assume they’re related. Although I shouldn’t really jump to conclusions. Anyway, they scratch the floorboards and at first I thought it was Victor and just about died but then my mam mentioned it and I was like, Ooh. But she’s got the gardener to set up traps! And Gerard is now going to die. I named him =P But its not faiirrr. So I am going to go up there (when i gain the courage) and set off all the traps and then burn them and then set out food for Gerard and his mouse buddies.

Anyways, i don’t have much else to say except Matt Damon is a sexy beast ;) *Gasp* Yes, I did just post that on the interweb, oh dearriess. Heh, no one cares. Unless he belongs to the Invisi Clan...Hm. If he does; Haiii, Matt ! XD

Toodles xxx

Monday, 8 February 2010

Split Personalities, A Dwarf Called Eric & Valentine's Day

Okay, so my life has decided to go the wrong way without even asking me. Seriously, come on, life. How nasty is that? Stupid life. The bully. I hope he dies.

Anywhoo, I bet ya'll wondering why I'm shouting at Life and his annoying ways? Well, if you really must know (nosey people) I is moving house. Yupp. My big ol' lovely house has been sold and we have until the 22nd March to get out or we DIE...Nah, I'm only joking, we don't die. Although knowing my luck I probably will. Ah, it just gets me so annoyed and sad 'cos I love this house so much and blergh. I wish we didn't have to go, but ya' know, that's Life ain't it? All about moving on.

On top of all this house crap and all the other stoof that had been going on lately, one of my best friends, who i thought was my friend, has decided he doesn't like me the way I was and had the cheek to tell me to change my personality. I was gobsmacked, because earlier on in the year he was all, 'Oh, stop being so sad and depressed all the time.' So I did that and was happy and stuff and theenn, he tells me to stop laughing and screaming and generally being me because he's embarrassed. Well. I didn't know what to say. And then, he goes to his friend. 'I can't wait for sixth form when I can ditch these retards.' So I got in a bad mood with him and we argued and now I'm ignoring him (: I know, I'm probably over reacting but I dunno, he just gets on my nerves so much sometimes. Like, sometimes he can be proper awesome and others he's just an idiot. Come on Invisi Clan, I need some help with this one. Please?

For some reason I'm watching American Idol auditions on Youtube...I don't even watch American Idol. Heck, I don't even live in American...X-Factor all the way ;D

Anywhoo...nothing interesting happened today. Oh, lunch time was hilarious. Me and my friend went into art so she could finish her surreal painting or something and I ended up writing a really random story about a dwarf called Eric, and apparently I can't say dwarf properly. I dunno. But these lads suddenly said, ' Can I just ask, who the hell is Eric?' And I was like, 'He's a dawrf.' And they all laughed at the way I said it. Evil boys.

But oh well, last night i bought a load of badges and when I get them, I'll let ya'll know what they say. Some were rather funny but I can't remember what they said. Heh, I fail.

Okays. So. Valentine's day coming up...SCREW IT. I'm sending myself a card and chocolates. Why not? The only person who will is truely loyal to you is yourself. Wow. That was deep. Sheesh. I can't believe I'm writing this much about such a stupid day. I know what you're thinkin, Invisi Clan, 'she's only shunning it because she's alone.' Well...yes. Yes, I am. And I'm not afraid to admit it. Any offers to take me out and buy me nice stuff? Didn't think so. XD

Oh..I forgot to be a robot...Ah well.

Toodles xxx

Monday, 1 February 2010

Love, Detention & Dancing Drunkeness

What an interesting weekend. I could tell you about every single second of what happened and what I did and where I went and that would be incredibly BORING. So let's just stick to the juicy bits, shall we? Wells. To cut a long story short, I GOT DRUNK. ;D How awesome is thaatt?! It was so funny. You know that posh party I was talking about the other day? Yeah well, i wore the dress and it wasn't that bad because i got my hair cut and I discovered make up..I know, the shock, but don't worry, I'm still happy, fun, depressed, kinda fat, little old me (: Anyywayyss, me and my dear friend, Lizzie, went to this party and at first we were like; 'oh dear. It's full of old people and it's gonna be bad...' But the girl we came with ran off with her cousins so me and Lizzie decided to explore. It was amazing. We filled the lift full of balloons, filmed stuff in the toilets, dance and got insanely drunk on Red Bull and Vodka...But all is well. There's a video on Youtube of us dancing to the Ke$ha song; Tik Tok. I shall give a special post to the first person who can find it. ;D

In other news this totally awesome and sweet boy is sad because the love of his life is ignoring him and I'm trying my very hardest to cheer him up but I don't think it's working. I fail in the art of cheering people up, seriously, I just end up pissing them off or making it worse, so I just try to make them life by saying/doing stupid things. While on the subject of love and fancying people don't you think it's pretty awful when you love someone but they love someone else and they talk to you about it and you're just like, OhMyGerry, please get the hint. It's so annoying.

...Not that I know what love is, I am only 14 after all.

Oooh, my mam had to go see my form tutor today. Everyone had to do it, it was like a year 9 options thingy. Mine was pretty bad. I mean, I got my options sorted and everything but then I got put on report and got an after school detention for something totally stupid. Talking. Seriously, everyone else was talking, just because she was sat opposite (this is my ICT teacher by the way) and then she goes 'you lot are talking tripe [wtf?] so you can stay behind.' We were laughing for ages. It was me and these two boys i got moved next to. They're funny guys. Except ones a bit of a dick when he's with his friends.

So basically I'm not allowed to have an opinion or a personality. Please look out for my robotness in my next post. It should be interesting to hide my true feelings from everyone. ;D I'm gonna try it.

Have a nice Tuesday/Monday, wherever you are, Invisi Clan.

Toodles !
RobotPhil xxx

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Dancing Bears & Rabid Squirrels

Howdy folks! How are you on this spiffing, fabulous, actually really grim and rainy day? I'm okay, thanks for asking. Although, I did just try to shave my arm because I got bored and now there is an odd bald patch in the middle of it. So you know what I did? Instead of panicking and trying to grow the hair back in record time like a depressed bald person, I calmly placed a bandage upon the affected area and tomorrow, when people crowd round me and say things like, 'Oh my golly gee, what happened?' I shall say (very calmly) 'I was mauled by a rabid squirrel.' Then I shall turn and walk (hopefully without falling flat on my face) away. Stop laughing, it's not funny. (:

Okay, so on the thirtieth of January..Heh, I write my numbers instead of using the actual numbers, if you get that...Anyways, on that Saturday I am going to a very posh hall place where my friend's auntie is having her 50th birthday or something. I don't know why she's invited me but there you go. I HAVE FRIENDS. I do not spend my life on this laptop writing blogs...Psssshh, who does that? Not me..Nope...Moving on. Apparently I have to wear a dress. A dress. Yes, let me say it one more time. A dress. I don't like dresses and they don't like me, thats just the way it is. The last time I wore a dress the tights split right down the middle just when this lad asked me to dance and I had to refuse because the minute I got up, everyone would see. So I spent the rest of the night sat on a chair playing with a balloon while everyone had a good time. That is why my family is cursed. But enough of that, I told the girl I was going to come in trackies and a hoodie, like a chav (All you foreign Invisi Clan members..Google it.) Anyways, she was like; 'Nooo, you cannae do that. You get kicked out.' I told her I didn't care but then she did a paragraph of my coursework and I reluctantly agreed to wear a dress. The real dilemma is...I have no dress. I mean, I have one but its like...meh. I guess I can wear it...

I feel odd tonight, odder than usual. Example; I just had three attempts at spelling tonight and then on the fourth I ended up using that old thing I was taught in reception: 'I Go Home Tonight.' Haah. Show's how things stick with you. (:

I can't write anymore. Seriously, it's like, all I end up doing is starting something new, saving it, going back to it, giving up and starting again. I've only finished one story, ever and it was crap. So, blergh. Although, I did write a story today about a mutated pineapple eating people's brains and a man called Brian has to save the world. I was rather proud of it but my English teacher didn't look too amused. Mwahahahaaa..Evil laugh incase you didn't get that.

Ooh, i got a comment ! I would like to thank her for the lovely comment and yes, I will continue this blog and hope the Invisi Clan follow her lead and spill their thoughts on my odd life. Talking of odd, music performances soon. Well, they were today but I 'forgot' my piano book and got out of sitting in front of a bunch of gormless classmates and playing some random song. Originally I was meant to play the intro song of Pride & Prejudice, you know the newest one with Keira whatsherface. But I gave up on that, its too long and I'm now doing a mini piece called The Dancing Bear, it amuses me and is too easy but no one cares.

Anyway, I have nothing else to say except I'm bored, tired and if I keep going I'm gonna end up moaning and ranting and generally being a nuisance. So Good Day and Goodnight.

Toodles xxx

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Beans, Insomnia & Nothingness.

Wow. It's a Sunday. And so far, my first week back at school has been a fail. I'm slowly, but surely, failing my early GCSE, which is about Media and the like, I didn't even want to do it, but noooo...Meh, I don't care if I fail. It's just a stupid test. I can read and write and some extent. The funny thing is we're the first people to do it, so I'm a guinea pig..Whoopee for me.

Anywhoo, I'm sitting here in bed, with my hair like a haystack and a giant spot on my nose with I've only just found. It doesn't look like a spot, I don't know what it is. But it's there and I don't like it. It makes my nose look even bigger than it actually is. And my nose is pretty big even without spots. But anyway, I've realised that if you're not popular, or pretty, or have the right friends, your weekends are going to be pretty boring. I've spent the majority of my weekend on this laptop, writing, or moping about the house and eating cookies, or sleeping. I sleep so much now a days, like, I spent the whole of Saturday sleeping, went to the cinema, came home, went on this and then went to sleep at four in the morning, I then proceeded to have the oddest dream ever. It was pretty odd.

And now. At twenty one minutes past two in the afternoon I am sat in bed. Yesterday, or it might have been Friday, my mam was commenting on how nice it would be to go out for lunch..but I think they've just left me, you know. Cos I hear no one. I hope they have. I hate going out places, I'd much rather become a hermit and just live in a cave with homeless dogs, eating my way through countless tins of stolen beans. I'm now thinking about beans..and..Oh dear. I haven't had anything to eat since last night..when I ate a packet of vanilla fudge my friend gave me. Oh well. Here goes my bid to become thin.

So, Invisi Clan, how are you? I hope one of you decides to turn up because if you don't I fear I may fade into nothingness...look...I'm fading....Faaaddddiinnnggg......

I'm not really..I wish I was. No, I don't. I wish I was noticed more. No..Oh, I don't know. I've lost track of the point of this thingy magig. Who cares. Not me. Only the Invisi People who pretend not to be there, but I know they are..somewhere.

Ooh, I saw Avatar the other night, with my mama. We went and we sat there, with our 3D glasses and packet of Minstrels, and let me tell you; it is awesome. In fact, it is more than is epic, immense, brilliant, fabulous, amazing...It's very, very, good.

Now go see it! Go, go! While I'm fading into nothingness. (: And then come back and tell me all about it.

Toodles xxx