Monday, 1 February 2010

Love, Detention & Dancing Drunkeness

What an interesting weekend. I could tell you about every single second of what happened and what I did and where I went and that would be incredibly BORING. So let's just stick to the juicy bits, shall we? Wells. To cut a long story short, I GOT DRUNK. ;D How awesome is thaatt?! It was so funny. You know that posh party I was talking about the other day? Yeah well, i wore the dress and it wasn't that bad because i got my hair cut and I discovered make up..I know, the shock, but don't worry, I'm still happy, fun, depressed, kinda fat, little old me (: Anyywayyss, me and my dear friend, Lizzie, went to this party and at first we were like; 'oh dear. It's full of old people and it's gonna be bad...' But the girl we came with ran off with her cousins so me and Lizzie decided to explore. It was amazing. We filled the lift full of balloons, filmed stuff in the toilets, dance and got insanely drunk on Red Bull and Vodka...But all is well. There's a video on Youtube of us dancing to the Ke$ha song; Tik Tok. I shall give a special post to the first person who can find it. ;D

In other news this totally awesome and sweet boy is sad because the love of his life is ignoring him and I'm trying my very hardest to cheer him up but I don't think it's working. I fail in the art of cheering people up, seriously, I just end up pissing them off or making it worse, so I just try to make them life by saying/doing stupid things. While on the subject of love and fancying people don't you think it's pretty awful when you love someone but they love someone else and they talk to you about it and you're just like, OhMyGerry, please get the hint. It's so annoying.

...Not that I know what love is, I am only 14 after all.

Oooh, my mam had to go see my form tutor today. Everyone had to do it, it was like a year 9 options thingy. Mine was pretty bad. I mean, I got my options sorted and everything but then I got put on report and got an after school detention for something totally stupid. Talking. Seriously, everyone else was talking, just because she was sat opposite (this is my ICT teacher by the way) and then she goes 'you lot are talking tripe [wtf?] so you can stay behind.' We were laughing for ages. It was me and these two boys i got moved next to. They're funny guys. Except ones a bit of a dick when he's with his friends.

So basically I'm not allowed to have an opinion or a personality. Please look out for my robotness in my next post. It should be interesting to hide my true feelings from everyone. ;D I'm gonna try it.

Have a nice Tuesday/Monday, wherever you are, Invisi Clan.

Toodles !
RobotPhil xxx

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