Monday, 8 February 2010

Split Personalities, A Dwarf Called Eric & Valentine's Day

Okay, so my life has decided to go the wrong way without even asking me. Seriously, come on, life. How nasty is that? Stupid life. The bully. I hope he dies.

Anywhoo, I bet ya'll wondering why I'm shouting at Life and his annoying ways? Well, if you really must know (nosey people) I is moving house. Yupp. My big ol' lovely house has been sold and we have until the 22nd March to get out or we DIE...Nah, I'm only joking, we don't die. Although knowing my luck I probably will. Ah, it just gets me so annoyed and sad 'cos I love this house so much and blergh. I wish we didn't have to go, but ya' know, that's Life ain't it? All about moving on.

On top of all this house crap and all the other stoof that had been going on lately, one of my best friends, who i thought was my friend, has decided he doesn't like me the way I was and had the cheek to tell me to change my personality. I was gobsmacked, because earlier on in the year he was all, 'Oh, stop being so sad and depressed all the time.' So I did that and was happy and stuff and theenn, he tells me to stop laughing and screaming and generally being me because he's embarrassed. Well. I didn't know what to say. And then, he goes to his friend. 'I can't wait for sixth form when I can ditch these retards.' So I got in a bad mood with him and we argued and now I'm ignoring him (: I know, I'm probably over reacting but I dunno, he just gets on my nerves so much sometimes. Like, sometimes he can be proper awesome and others he's just an idiot. Come on Invisi Clan, I need some help with this one. Please?

For some reason I'm watching American Idol auditions on Youtube...I don't even watch American Idol. Heck, I don't even live in American...X-Factor all the way ;D

Anywhoo...nothing interesting happened today. Oh, lunch time was hilarious. Me and my friend went into art so she could finish her surreal painting or something and I ended up writing a really random story about a dwarf called Eric, and apparently I can't say dwarf properly. I dunno. But these lads suddenly said, ' Can I just ask, who the hell is Eric?' And I was like, 'He's a dawrf.' And they all laughed at the way I said it. Evil boys.

But oh well, last night i bought a load of badges and when I get them, I'll let ya'll know what they say. Some were rather funny but I can't remember what they said. Heh, I fail.

Okays. So. Valentine's day coming up...SCREW IT. I'm sending myself a card and chocolates. Why not? The only person who will is truely loyal to you is yourself. Wow. That was deep. Sheesh. I can't believe I'm writing this much about such a stupid day. I know what you're thinkin, Invisi Clan, 'she's only shunning it because she's alone.' Well...yes. Yes, I am. And I'm not afraid to admit it. Any offers to take me out and buy me nice stuff? Didn't think so. XD

Oh..I forgot to be a robot...Ah well.

Toodles xxx

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