Friday, 25 December 2009

Water Bombs & John Simms

Well. What an interesting day..I got my new laptop; its a macbook and I've named him George, in fact, I'm on him right now ;D Enough of George though, my day..well, it started off with my dear brother waking me up at eight o'clock, after I had just got to sleep at half past four. After I had given him a slap in the face (by accident of course) everyone opened their presents and it was all happy, happy, happy. We then proceeded to go out to a really posh hotel for Christmas dinner and meet cousins and blah, blah, blah; stole crackers, played with water bombs and blew whistles.

Now the good part. Doctor Who =D Oh, how I love John Simms, especially as the Master..and N'awwhh, he's wearing a dog collar. How cutee is hee. He's like a little puppy..a little cute puppy that has just taken over the world...Right-o...I feel the urge to write a fanfiction about it...but I shall restrain myself, because I have so many to finish..whoops. Plus I'm in the middle of starting a Skulduggery Pleasant one. It obviously won't be as good as the books because they are epic and I adore them but still... ;P

Now...I bet you're wondering about the Christmas water bombs, eh? Well, what happened was on the middle of our table at this hotel were some balloons and there was a weight keeping them from floating away. My oldest and probably cleverest brother was like; Hm, let's open this box and OHMYGEE, National Lampoon's is on ;D Whooopp!! Ah, sorry. Carrying on...and he found a water balloon which he gave to my other brother which was very stupid of him because Frankie is very..uhm, immature..? Especially when it comes to water balloons and the like. Don't worry though, my insane family did manage to have a normal outing for once, nothing bad happened and we weren't chucked out for bad behaviour. Although I did go a bit mad with this whistle I got in a cracker..haahh....

Anywhoo, Boxing Day tomorrow and I'm going to see more crazy relatives and we're going to play games such as Disney Trivia and Guess the Guy who Died Sometime During This Year...the kind of games that usually end in a huge fight and then some drunken idiot decides to jump into the paddling pool and the dogs eat all the food and yes, I'm describing last years Boxing Day party.

Okay, i'm going to leave you to your odd thoughts..whoever is bothering to read this..probably no one, but who cares. Have fun. xxxxx

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Apparently it's Christmas Eve...

Ah, yes. Its Christmas Eve...presents are under the tree, I'm wearing a Christmas hat which flashes and my dogs are fighting each other in the hall...all is well. Except I don't feel in the least bit Christmassy, boo me. Everyone is sat in front of the television watching some odd film probably and I'm on this, pretending to know what I'm writing about..How interesting.

I could write about how I got up at three o'clock in the afternoon today because the night before I was going to stay up all night reading all three Skulduggery Pleasant books before going for a walk in the snow with my gay dogs. Yes. My dogs are gay. According to my unofficial stepdad, and dear mother; they are gay. Which is slightly depressing because I want Cocoa; my chocolate labrador retriever to go out into the world, make babies and bring one back for me. How can that happen if he's not in the least bit interested in the opposite sex?! The way things are going I will never see a smaller, cuter version of Cocoa...ever. Which is why I have decided that we shall get either a girl dog, or keep the two apart until Cocoa has done his duty and then they can go back to being gay. Its a cruel world.

It seems to me that all people ever do in blogs is moan or post stupid pictures. Well, I seem to be a moaner but what else is there to write about? In this cruel world of gay dogs and flashing Christmas hats there seems to be only two things which I actually like; reading and writing. I do both and still I have nothing better to do than moan. Maybe i should post a stupid picture. I'll do it later. Eastenders is on. If you don't know what it is. You fail.
Toodles xxx

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Why am I writing this..I don't know, you tell me. Seriously..maybe it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. Maybe its because everyone else seems to be doing it. Come to think of it, I can't think of anyone who has one..Oh dear. I fail. Right, what was I saying? I have the memory of a goldfish, its not fair. Once I forgot my English homework and my teacher (she was small and hated me because of my brother, which is hardly fair. Am I my brother? I think not.) Anyway, this was our amazing conversation. I'll call her Mrs M.

Mrs M: Philippa, where's your homework?

Me: I forgot it.

Mrs M: (spitting in my face) Didn't you write it down?!

Me: ...Uhm. No.

Mrs M: (Moving away, thank God.) Well that was stupid of you. Why didn't you write it down?

Me: (slowly sliding down my chair) I forgot.

Mrs M glares.

Me: (stumbling over my words) I have a memory..I'm a fish.

Everyone laughs, I die slowly.


Yes. That was the amazing conversation we had. Ah well, I don't know what else to write now. My dog is slowly chewing through my sock and my friend has blown up her microwave so I better go.
Toodles. xx (Oh, and have a Merry Christmas. If you want.) ;P