Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sexy Beasts, Hiccups & Mice

Okay, so apparently its been a while since I’ve opened this page up and typed into this little box and press the giant orange button thats down there and just asking to be pressed. So, yeah...Ooh, interesting news. I went to see Avatar..again. And right at the most serious moment, when they’re all about to go into battle and someone’s crying and someone’s dead. Right at that moment. I got the hiccups. It was awful. The cinema was packed and my friend couldn’t stop laughing at me, so I was laughing hysterically too. And this fat woman who was sat next to me glared at me, I don’t see why, i mean, she had been coughing her lungs up all the way through it. Then this other guy with a beard turned around and glared at me. So I slid down my seat and died.

Nothing else even remotely interesting happened in the rest of my half term. It basically consisted of sleep, get up, write, eat, drink, sleep, gasp at Eastenders, sleep, chuckle, watch dvd’s, write, sleep...Yeah, you can see the pattern. Lots of sleeping and writing.


It’s awful. In the attic above my room is a family of mice. At least, i assume they’re related. Although I shouldn’t really jump to conclusions. Anyway, they scratch the floorboards and at first I thought it was Victor and just about died but then my mam mentioned it and I was like, Ooh. But she’s got the gardener to set up traps! And Gerard is now going to die. I named him =P But its not faiirrr. So I am going to go up there (when i gain the courage) and set off all the traps and then burn them and then set out food for Gerard and his mouse buddies.

Anyways, i don’t have much else to say except Matt Damon is a sexy beast ;) *Gasp* Yes, I did just post that on the interweb, oh dearriess. Heh, no one cares. Unless he belongs to the Invisi Clan...Hm. If he does; Haiii, Matt ! XD

Toodles xxx

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