Sunday, 3 January 2010

Why God...why?

What an odd day. I've just realised (thanks to dear Kat) I've spelt Stripy wrong, and so, to fix this problem I'm going to create my own dictionary that will include 'stripey' and other words, for people who are prone to typos. Such as 'Bess' for bless. Oh, that's something interesting I could tell you. While I was typing bless, I accidentally wrote Bess, and further on in this msn conversation my words turned into Lee and Gine. So, without further stalling me and Kat proceeded to make family out of these people. But Kat, being the person she is, refused to give them lives and personalities, so I might and if I do I shall let you invisible people who are reading this know.

Anyways, I had a rather fun day today, considering. Me and Frankus and dear mother went to town to buy mobile phones and clothes. In the end we ended up in a shop trying mental hats and scarves on and admiring all the shiny things we couldn't afford. Darling brother then advised me on which tops I should get, and belts and a bag ;] I don't usually like shopping; the shock, the horror, but today was fun. I never got the hat though, Frankie wanted me to get a Jamaican hat and my mama wanted me to get this hat which was pretty but I wasn't sure. Now she's telling me she's going to go back and get it. Bless her.

I'm going to see my dad tomorrow, actually he's coming up to see us, which is good of him because he lives in London and I don't. I have this theory he's part of the mafia but he's probably not, and now I've said that the whole world knows and maybe his..mafia dudes will stumble across this blog by mistake and kill me in my sleep. I hope not..that would be rather tragic. I want to be an assassin. I even put it down on our school's Focus Day, which was all about the future, not the type of future where skateboards fly and we all live on the moon. But the type where the people who want to be rockstars end up being accountants. There's childhood dreams for you. Anyhoo, on this sheet we had to write down ideas for out 'future', naturally I put RAF pilot, but unfortunately my almost non existent immune system prevents me from doing this, but it doesn't say anything in the assassin criteria for having asthma so I guess I'm in...

Isn't it just annoying when people say things like; 'Oh, I'm so fat.' When they're so obviously not. It's like, stop looking for attention, we know you look like a super model, we know you are as clever as...a clever thing. WE KNOW, SO STOP DENYING IT. And then they say; 'But I feel mean and like a show off if I say the opposite.' And it's like, no one cares.

Okay, mini rant over.

I'm going to London on Friday!! It's for school, but its still gonna be awesome because I'm going with someone who is almost as insane as me. The only problem is the snow. I hope it's okay for Friday, but apparently its meant to keep snowing all month...and its already over my ankles outside my house..I hope school's off until Friday. That would be epic.

Well, I have nothing further to say except listen to the band Chameleon Circuit because they are epic.

Toodles Invisi Peoples. xxx

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