Thursday, 24 December 2009

Apparently it's Christmas Eve...

Ah, yes. Its Christmas Eve...presents are under the tree, I'm wearing a Christmas hat which flashes and my dogs are fighting each other in the hall...all is well. Except I don't feel in the least bit Christmassy, boo me. Everyone is sat in front of the television watching some odd film probably and I'm on this, pretending to know what I'm writing about..How interesting.

I could write about how I got up at three o'clock in the afternoon today because the night before I was going to stay up all night reading all three Skulduggery Pleasant books before going for a walk in the snow with my gay dogs. Yes. My dogs are gay. According to my unofficial stepdad, and dear mother; they are gay. Which is slightly depressing because I want Cocoa; my chocolate labrador retriever to go out into the world, make babies and bring one back for me. How can that happen if he's not in the least bit interested in the opposite sex?! The way things are going I will never see a smaller, cuter version of Cocoa...ever. Which is why I have decided that we shall get either a girl dog, or keep the two apart until Cocoa has done his duty and then they can go back to being gay. Its a cruel world.

It seems to me that all people ever do in blogs is moan or post stupid pictures. Well, I seem to be a moaner but what else is there to write about? In this cruel world of gay dogs and flashing Christmas hats there seems to be only two things which I actually like; reading and writing. I do both and still I have nothing better to do than moan. Maybe i should post a stupid picture. I'll do it later. Eastenders is on. If you don't know what it is. You fail.
Toodles xxx

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